angle brackets

angle brackets
угловые скобки, знаки "" и "" (символы "меньше", ASCII-код 60, и "больше", ASCII-код 62)

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  • angle brackets — angle .brackets n [plural] BrE a pair of brackets ( ) used for enclosing information …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • angle brackets — Угловые скобки, ломаные скобки (Angle brackets)     Парные знаки препинания [точка, запятая, двоеточие, тире, многоточие и т.д.], в которые заключают многоточие [знак препинания, обозн. неоконченную фразу или пропуск в тексте], обозначающее… …   Шрифтовая терминология

  • Angle Brackets — auch als frz. Anführungszeichen bekannt …   Acronyms

  • Angle Brackets — auch als frz. Anführungszeichen bekannt ( …   Acronyms von A bis Z

  • angle brackets —    The less than (<) and greater than (>) symbols used to identify a tag in an HTML document.    Also used to identify the return address in an e mail message header.    See also HyperText Markup Language; tag …   Dictionary of networking

  • brackets — The term is used generally of the punctuation marks (), [], {}, <>, although the first set is properly called parentheses, the second square brackets, the third curly brackets or hooked brackets, and the fourth angle brackets. The mark… …   Modern English usage

  • angle bracket — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms angle bracket : singular angle bracket plural angle brackets either of a pair of symbols < or >, used to surround words, numbers, or other symbols, especially in instructions for a computer …   English dictionary

  • angle — [[t]æ̱ŋg(ə)l[/t]] ♦♦♦ angles, angling, angled 1) N COUNT An angle is the difference in direction between two lines or surfaces. Angles are measured in degrees. → See also right angle The boat is now leaning at a 30 degree angle. 2) N COUNT: usu… …   English dictionary

  • angle bracket — noun a) Either of the two inequality signs of ASCII, < and >, when used as brackets in markup languages like HTML. b) Either of a pair of symbols, ⟨ and ⟩, used to enclose text in various technical contexts, and in mathematical formulas to… …   Wiktionary

  • square brackets — Скобки (Square brackets, Parantheses, Angle brackets, Braces)     Парные знаки препинания. Бывают квадратные, круглые, угловые (ломаные), фигурные (парантезы). Применяются в формульном наборе и для выделений в тексте …   Шрифтовая терминология

  • Bracket — 〈 redirects here. It is not to be confused with く, a Japanese kana. This article is about bracketing punctuation marks. For other uses, see Bracket (disambiguation). Due to technical restrictions, titles like :) redirect here. For typographical… …   Wikipedia

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